Writers Group Recruitment
Welcome to the first official recruitment of the Writers Team. We're aiming to bring in some new faces who are both passionate about writing and about EliteBBBeing part of the Writers Team is a big responsibility. One of them responsibilities is having your section in on time. The news is posted once a month. This allows for each member to cover their section and should leave with no excuses as to why their section isn't covered. If you are still interested in being a part of the Writers Team, feel free to apply.
Before applying, your account must meet the following requirements.
1. You must be in good standing. No active warnings, no scamming, etc.
2. You must have a respectable amount of time spent on EliteBB. This is so members can get a good feel for the community.
3. You must be at least somewhat active. Inactivity on the forums may lead to inactivity on the team.
Sections we are currently screening new members in:
Notable Threads
Group News
Gaming News

Application Form

What is you name?
Write here.

How old are you?
Write here.

Which country do you live in?
Write here.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, what are your writing and English language capabilities?
Write here.

Which section(s) of the news do you wish to cover and why?
Write here.

Can you guarantee that you will have your section covered 3 days before news release?
Write here.

Why do you want to become a Writer?
Write here.

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